14 Reasons of Why Ruby on Rails Community Chooses PostgreSQL Over MySQL

14 reasons of ruby

Let`s Explore 14 Reasons of Why Ruby on Rails community chooses PostgreSQL over MySQL:

  1. PostgreSQL can run on any operating system as compared to MySQL.
  2. PostgreSQL enforces data types. For example, if you create a string column in MySQL, which has a limit of 200 characters and if you try to insert 300 characters in it, then PostgreSQL will raise an exception and your app will crash, while MySQL will insert only the first 200 and delete the remaining 100 characters.
  3. PostgreSQL is more standards compliant than MySQL – making it easier to debugging and work on your applications.
  4. You can actually program inside of the PostgreSQL database with Ruby on Rails and any other languages, which you can’t do with MySQL.
  5. PostgreSQL also supports Extra data types such as JSON in the database. You can store a JSON object in PostgreSQL and index on that JSON object which makes queries super fast and ultimately makes PostgreSQL like a NoSQL database. It also supports other native PostgreSQL data types like BigInt, Decimal, and many others.
  6. In PostgreSQL, if there is any failure in migration while modifying your existing database records, then the entire modification process gets rolled back to where you begin. While In MySQL it just crashes at that point of time and then you need to figure out how to fix it.
  7. Since Postgresql has been used largely from developers, the deployment servers and frameworks such as Heroku has been supporting more of PostgreSQL compared to MySQL. With adopting PostgreSQL in an upcoming release, I am confident that it’ll continue to dominate the community.
  8. Talking about 14 Reasons of Why Ruby on Rails community chooses PostgreSQL over MySQL. Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and window functions have been the main reason to choose PostgreSQL.
  9. PostgreSQL is ACID compliant (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) all the time while MySQL compliant only under certain conditions and with particular table types.
  10. When it comes to API we found that PostgreSQL support streaming API for large objects.
  11. Generalized Inverted Index(GIN/GIST) This are special kind of indexes that store on the leafs more than one row-reference. They come with the killer feature if you have to store data & search like the array, geo-data, complex-data, big text you can perform with (GII).
  12. Alter/ Removing Column is much faster than other DB Suppose take an example if we have to add and default null column in table so we can easily add or alter table but in MySQL we have to copy or rewrite the data so this process takes a long time to alter because suppose if we have a million rows so its little bit tricky.
  13. If you are working on Spatial Data we get more option in PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL have a specific data type of spatial data and we get more specific data type in PostgreSQL as compare to MySQL
  14. And the main feature we get in PostgreSQL is the extension mechanism it has that allows adding extra features to PostgreSQL really easily.

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