Importance of Agile Methodology in Automation Testing

importance of agile methodology

Importance of Agile Methodology in Automation Testing

What is Agile methodology and when should we apply it in Automation Testing?

  • Agile methodology is also called iterative development methodology, where the requirements are frequently changed/updating.
  • Save the time
  • When Same Test Cases are to be repeated
  • If we want to run the test cases with different data and several times.
  • When the same test cases are to be executed with different user perspectives.
  • Test Cases needs to be executed with various browsers and different Environments.

What are Automation Testing and its importance?

  • Talking about the Importance of Agile Methodology in Automation Testing, Automation testing is a technique to test and also compare the actual result and expected a result. It provides efficiency and effectiveness to the testing software.
  • It is the process to validate or verify that the software functions works well and meets the requirement before it is released into production.
  • Automation testing technique in tester write the scripts by own and also uses the suitable software to it.
  • Automation testing is mainly used for regression testing.
  • For Automation testing, there are various tools available in the market. Such as Selenium Webdriver/Cucumber/SilkTest/SoapUI(API testing tool)/Appium(Mobile Application testing tool) etc..
  • Automation testing requires a programming knowledge such as Java/Python/C#/VBScript etc..
  • It automates the browser with cross-browser platforms.
  • In Automation testing for load testing, we can user JMeter with apache maven.

Why Agile Automation Testing?

  • Talking about the Importance of Agile Methodology in Automation Testing, The agile methodology focuses on building a high-quality product, reduce the risk which is associated with development. It is necessary for automation testing process because it involves frequent changes.
  • It is based on integration and regular analysis of the product that is being developed.
  • There are various reasons why automation testing is considered for agile testing.
  1. Incremental Development: Agile development team has only a short time to get or gather the requirements, make the code changes and test the changes.
  2. Frequent Changes: Agile Development methodology has a frequently changed requirement on every day.
  3. Exhaustive Testing: Testing can be repeated as many times allowing detailed and exhaustive examination of the code.
  4. Continuous Testing: It is ensured that previous functionality is not broken due to the newly added functionality. Agile testing requires more early and continuous testing of the software.

Advantages of Agile Test Automation:

  • Automation testing provides speed, reliability, reusability and many more in software development.
  • Quality Ensured: It ensures a quality product at any given time. However, the selected test case must cover the application properly.
  • Repeat Execution: The daily build execution can be certified using an automation tool and its approaches.

Why Agile Developers use Automation Testing and its Benefits

  • Speed: Automation testing introduces the speed of development methodology.
  • Reliability: Use of scripts for the testing procedure reliability is increased to many folds.
  • Reusability of Automated Tests: Automation test cases are reusable and can be utilized through different approaches.
  • Earlier Detection of Defects: It is better to start early testing in SDLC, so as minimize defects in later stages. It also reduces the cost of Bug Fixing.

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