Problem Statement High credit period on Invoice raised, in-effective follow-up processes for payment collection, use of multiple systems for performing activities

    • Huge spending for getting paid after raising invoices
    • Performing same activities for all customers
    • Better reporting and summarized dashboard for clarity
    • Data dependency on external service during business hours
    • Consistency of data and process with real time updates
    • Heavy incoming network traffic from various sources
    • Security and Privacy
    • Background processes and Scheduled tasks
    • On-boarding of business
    • Keeping algorithm up-to-date with changes in external APIs
    • Study of concept shared by Product Owner
    • Ask right questions to understand industry
    • Identifying the data points and entities
    • Simple yet productive UI/UX to match users expectations
    • Launched basic application with core features
    • Add more values with new release every 2 weeks
    • From concept to conversations to launch to market share
    • From paper drawings to wireframes to UI/UX
    • From Database Design to Application development
  • ARWorkflow
  • ARWorkflow
  • ARWorkflow

Visual Guide

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  • #DC7332
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  • Reduced the payment collection period by 21 days
  • More manageable work load
  • Better business relations

Quote Icon The Best team I could even not get from here in US or anywhere else. Stood up with me at every stage of product development. Coming from non-IT background, never thought it would be this much exciting to develop such a complex system delivering such a simplicity to the users. Product driven, skilled and happy team.

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